Today we spoke to a couple of Netball Local Legends, Ashley Greaney and Kelly Henderson about what our new stadium would mean for them. Social sport (and sometimes a bit competitive) is so important to our wellbeing, but also creates incredible life-long friendships.
“Netball in Matamata has always been a hub of the community. A place to compete, make friendships and live our best lives regardless of age or stage. From the Future Ferns to the Golden Oldies – the desire to play is evident.
So how awesome to finally have a facility that will match that level of enthusiasm and foster our future Casey Kopuas!
Gone will be the days of sliding across court gracefully on humid nights – slamming stunningly into walls as you go for that loose ball or living life on the edge as you warm up in the dim, dark carpark! While we have very fond memories of these days – it makes our hearts happy to know that our girls (and boys too) will not have to experience this.
Matamata is a beautiful town full of beautiful people – let’s bring on our beautiful new stadium.
Kelly and Ashley
Thank you lovely ladies and we can’t wait to see you both in action on the new courts!