We are so excited to announce we have received a $100,000 donation from Justine & Todd Crabb – Platinum Sponsors. What an incredible family and we are so grateful for their amazing contribution.
Justine says “It is a privilege to be part of this wonderful project. Our family values what sport does for individuals and communities alike. This interest spans several generations. For example, both grandfathers of our children were part of the Matamata sporting community. Jeff Crabb not only played in the Matamata College First XV but was also a swimming champ. Gerry O’Carroll coached junior cricket for 40 years and took particular pride in the sporting achievements of his students.”
“The qualities embodied in sportsmanship; perseverance, hard work, fun, dedication, commitment, and tolerance (to name a few) help build character in participants and in doing so, help create better communities for the future.”
“The sports and events themselves provide an opportunity for people to come together for enjoyment and connection. Of course, the obvious health and wellbeing benefits of being physically fit and strong cannot be overlooked. We are excited to be supporting our community to develop talents and build great, healthy New Zealanders from Matamata.”