We are excited to announce that Matamata Stadium has its very first Legacy Sponsor – Paul & Liz Blackwell.
We fondly remember how big a part of our community Paul & Liz were when they owned New World Matamata, with Liz also growing up in our town, and here they are still contributing which is absolutely amazing.
Liz says “Thank you for approaching Paul and I to be part of the Matamata Indoor Stadium Project.┬áThe reason for our support is because I had a wonderful childhood and many opportunities given to me while growing up and residing in Matamata.┬áMatamata has also given Paul and I so many opportunities through business and because of this we didn’t think twice about supporting this incredible project. Both Paul and I appreciate our time in Matamata and are incredibly proud and passionate about the ‘town that’s racing ahead’. We are thrilled to be involved.”